Don't let your child be labeled a criminal. Help keep them from
going down a path of no return.

juvenile law

aboutIf improperly handled, even a petty criminal charge can haunt a child for the rest of his or her life. Criminal convictions can prevent children from entering their college of choice or the military and can exclude them from certain jobs and professions.

If your son, daughter, or loved one is facing criminal charges, you need a strong and vigorous juvenile defense effort. Jeff Carter is a skilled trial lawyer and former Assistant District Attorney who has seen first-hand just how complicated the juvenile law process can be and he will work to protect the rights and freedom of juveniles charged with crimes in Fort Bend County, Texas. Jeff always seeks a solution that will preserve the future career and educational options of your child or loved one, if it is at all possible. Don't let your child be labeled a criminal.

Contact Jeff Carter today at (832) 586-6538 and let him protect his or her rights.

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